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That's right, right there, what are you hesitating for The price that I had to pay came to me burn off my heart that is torn into pieces, 옳지 그래 거기야 뭘 망설이니 누군가 시간을 되돌려준다면 Yes, quite many, including live from the concert at Wembley Stadium, London, UK in 2019: BTS Reveals “Outro: Tear” Was Written While The Group Was Considering A Breakup, BTS - Outro: Tear (English Translation) Lyrics, BTS - Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ (English Translation), My heart that's stained with belated self-loathing, Would you still be able to love me again like before, Although we thought that we dreamed the same dream, That's right, right there, what are you hesitating for, That I won't cry, that I won't tear it up, BTS - Intro: Singularity (English Translation), BTS - 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) (English Translation), BTS - 낙원 (Paradise) (English Translation), BTS - Airplane pt.2 (English Translation). Our end that two letters handed to us Outro: Tear Video: RM's Story Behind So that pain and regret, none of that would be left To me, you were once my dear Goodbye to me is only those moments (Flashback) Words that I couldn’t let out now flow, 미련이 나의 얼굴 위를 기어 You're my, you're my tear I share BTS lyrics translated into English (and some notes if needed) here, hoping that I can help you understand and appreciate them as I do. 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) ft. Steve Aoki Track 4. But this place becomes our last Spotify | Apple Music. Stop saying things like forever, forever [Chorus: RM, Suga, J-Hope] could I maybe have been more honest. It will be repeated, caused by you This is the real you and this is the real me In 2020, from their docu-series Break the Silence, Yoongi revealed that this song was written to the members of BTS while they were discussing possibly disbanding. You’re my fear. Even without my noticing, it comes into bloom around my eyes, 채 내뱉지 못한 얘기들이 흐르고 Goodbyes are T.E.A.R You're my fear You're my tear So just begin now Why are you spilling it? Please click here for inquiries & feedback! Goodbye, to me, is T.E.A.R, 눈물 따위는 사치니까 At the moment where everything is in danger, 두 글자가 준 우리의 끝 The moment you say words from your mouth Outro: Tear Lyrics. That dream has finally become a dream [Verse 4: Suga] eotteon mareul haeya halji urineun algo itji … Written by DOCSKIM, Shin Myung-soo, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Note: The lyrics have both tear (tir; as in crying) and tear (ter; as in ripping apart), to be rhymed with fear. So that regret, regret, such a thing will no longer be left The moment our focus becomes irregular 6 of their Break The Silence docuseries that “Outro: Tear” was dedicated to his members and inspired by BTS' almost-disbandment: The lyrics for “Tear” were written for the members. [Verse 1: RM] That’s how this album ends. Although we used to talk about forever My heart breaks Please rather burn it, 고통과 미련 그 무엇도 남지 않게끔 [Verse 3: Suga] These are the three themes of this song. Woo take it easy slowly cut out my heart, 그래그래 조각이 나버린 파편 위를 즈려밟아줘 When I was writing the melody, at the time, we were deeply contemplating whether we should quit or not. You’re my tear. [Verse 2: J-Hope, Suga] You’re my you’re my tear. our end that those two letters presented to us They’re stronger and happier today and happily look forward to making music and performing for ARMYs for as long as possible. I hope you kill me quickly without hesitation, 타버린 재마저 남지 않게 I've woken up from the sweet dream and I close my eyes It was ‘tears’ for me, ‘tearing apart’ for Yoongi. ( Log Out /  The ugly and pathetic old friends within me You're my Eotteon mal-eul haeya halji Ulineun algo issji Jeongdab-eun jeonghae issneunde Neul daedab-eun eolyeobji Wae heullineunji Wae jjij … My heart stained with a belated self-hatred, 스치는 저 바람에도 비어 ‘Tear’ in English. Although we thought that we dreamed the same dream You're my tear We know I came back here after watching tonight’s episode. The answer is fixed But now, the beer tastes only bitter, 때늦은 자기혐오로 얼룩진 심장은 With that smile with which you used look at me Milyeon-i naui eolgul wileul gieo. Magic Shop Track 8. You're my, you're my tear Note: Outro: Her is the last track of Love Yourself: Her, which is the first album of the Love Yourself series.It gives a strong hint of the overall composition of the Love Yourself series and also makes a perfect bridge over to the theme next album: Love Yourself: Tear.

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