divi columns on mobile

But Divi stacks them anyway. “… a great way to reduce the amount of scrolling on mobile …”. Required fields are marked *. mmm yeah honestly I don’t use Extra and am not familiar with the little differences. Under Image Settings, upload and insert an image. Click the “advanced” tab on the row settings. Super handy effect for things like icons, blurbs, logos, images or other elements that you don’t want stacked on top of each other for mobile. Again, you can name the class anything you want, then adjust the column with for tablet and mobile according to how many columns you want. Any ideas? In order for me to do these, I need to take time away from my business which is what's currently paying the bills. Ah, you could add some padding in the media queries for mobile! Next, go into the Divi > Theme options. Create a class and add it to each blurb’s advanced settings, ie. thanks so much for your article! I tried to get this to work with theme builder, but didnt work. Thanks for sharing. Like and Follow Me on Facebook to connect with me, see exclusive Facebook-only webinars, Q&A’s and to get exclusive deals and offers I only provide to my FB followers! Great post! But I am really struggling to get this to work in the Extra Theme, which uses a category layout as the home page. Thank you very much Josh! If so, I have a promo going on for $30 OFF. Important: This code only works for 3 or fewer elements. Get 20% OFF Divi when you join using my link! The first to do is to add some CSS to the Divi row settings. Do you have any questions about this tutorial? I found myself in a scenario where there’s 2 columns in a row. I will look into this and see if we can add it to the article. Here are some example CSS class and code options you can use for any row moving forward!\. Go to the Row Settings>Advanced Tab>Custom CSS toggle. Josh, this is absolutely brilliant! “blurb-three-columns”. Thank you for this. Once this simple step is completed, you will already be half way to controlling your Divi column stacking order on mobile. by Allen Longstreet | Mar 12, 2020 | Website Infrastructure & Optimization | 9 comments. And the same idea here can be applied to things like galleries, projects, blurbs, etc! Any idea how i can get this to work with the theme builder? I especially appreciate how you showed us how to work with media screen CSS in viewport break sizes. Join my Divi Web Designers Facebook group to get free support and to be automatically plugged into an awesome, supportive community of fellow Divi/WordPress web designers! Can you do something similar when your columns are different widths? If you are trying to have four or more columns side-by-side on mobile, jump to that section now. Thank you for sharing. If you have more than 4, 5, or 6 icons/images or more, you can repeat use the same code as above. Add the css only tor tablet. 2. You can also use the “customize” section of your theme to edit on the front end as well. That section has been disabled on desktop. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated? we have use it on many projects. I had this same issue with Divi trying to do more than 3 elements together, it would always stack them. Oh, and you’ll also get my latest e-book on It’s also a great way to reduce the amount of scrolling on mobile as well! Add an image module to the first column inside your row. Although sometimes, optimization errors exist between desktop and mobile versions of pages on the site. HiWhat would I do, if I have 4 columns, but I only want the middle two columns to sit side-by-side, while Columns 1 and 4 are above and below that? However, the blurbs I wish to present 3 across on tablet were stacked together in the last column. Instead, they appear stacked. I tried this but it didn’t work. Thanks. Thanks Dan. Instead, adjust each blurb’s width settings: desktop: auto width; This is something that has been bugging me for a while now. Hi thanks for such a good tutorial I have used three-column bu the thing is I want to show three coloumn on desktop and two on mobile layout any idea how to do it. And that’s it! Thanks Thom. I know almost everyone hates doing that. In short, we’re going to make it so that the columns stay next to each other on tablet and phones vs stacking on top of each other like you’d normally see. In the “CSS Class” section of your row settings, name the class with however many columns you desire. otherwise i tried using two-columns and editing code to (min-with: 780px) and (max-width: 980px) for the size, but it doesnt seem to work at all. Glad the tutorial helped! Allen is a published author and accomplished digital marketer. Although sometimes, optimization errors exist between desktop and mobile versions of pages on the site. Is there a way to stop the blog module from collapsing until it gets to a set screen width, the 980px breakpoint is too soon for my needs. The Divi Builder gives users a complete design framework that is easy-to-use. The Divi Builder gives users a complete design framework that is easy-to-use. This effect can be used in a number of different ways on a Divi website. Thank you! Use coupon code "CSS10" for 10% OFF my Divi/CSS Course! The 3-column display:flex doesn’t work for me, and the 4-column CSS styling doesn’t really apply either. Hello Josh, this is great, thanks thanks for posting this. You have to follow this pattern for however many columns you’re trying to have side-by-side. I offer exclusive discounts and deals to my email list and promise not to abuse the privilege to email you directly. The @media only screen and (max-width: 980px) is dictating that when the viewport is less than 980 pixels, to display the 4 columns side-by-side and not stacked. This piece of CSS code is by far the easiest way to make 2-3 elements appear side-by-side on mobile and tablet devices. I can’t wait to use this on my site, thanks Josh! I’ll definitely be using this with my clients. When clicking around the main element text Under custom css Some buttons should appear. That was exciting, however, the images are on almost on top of each other. If interested, I have a promo out right now for $30 OFF, use code CSS30 at checkout Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you in my course and private course FB group community! Your email address will not be published. You are the best, Josh – My Master Game Changer! Yeah you can just adjust the media query breakpoint to whatever width you want instead of 980px. Whatever you'd like to tip is much appreciated! When on smaller screens, the images end up touching each other and I’d ideally like the gap between them. As always, great tutorial, Josh! Easy peasy. mobile: 100% width. You made it SO SIMPLE! We recently discovered that it’s difficult to keep columns side-by-side on mobile. tablet: 32% width; When you click the green checkmark to save your changes, you’ll see the updated mobile view instantly if you’re building on the front end.

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