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In EX mode, she gains the bonuses of her Necro Install and an excellent melee move Gabriel Sword. The other similar special is Gabriel Sword (EX mode only; Dizzy's own version of the Michael Sword/Blade), which will sweep the entire screen. ディズィー? The two silver buttons on the belt straps have also been removed. Although somewhat naive, Dizzy has a hidden realistic side as she views the destruction of nature by humans as part of a natural cycle. Type of Hero After an attack by the Vizuel, Ky shows Dizzy's state to Sol, Dr. Paradigm and Izuna. The name Dizzy probably came from Guns'n'Roses keyboardist Darren "Dizzy" Reed'а. Meanwhile, Ky, Sin, Sol, and Jack-O' Valentine are tasked to save Elphelt while Jack-O' takes her place and fuses with Justice to become a full Aria Hale. Ky attributed Dizzy's lack of a conviction to not having a 'chair' in her heart, and vowed to cut her down. Profile First is her black dress in Guilty Gear X, which has a long skirt that reaches up to the ankle, low laced off-shoulder neckline and fitter sleeves. In After Story A, Dizzy and Ky welcome Elphelt, Ramlethal and Sin into their state. Dizzy also wonders if she should call Sol "Father" from then on. As Dizzy couldn't control them, Testament vowed to be at Dizzy's side and subdued her. At first Dizzy's parents worried about her and went to visit but they gradually became distant and never came back. In another path, she regains control with the help of Sol Badguy, but soon after that, she is captured by Crow with A.B.A's help, and is used to create clones of her. Status Most notable in Dizzy are her wings, Necro (right) and Undine (left) which are her "systems", and her reptilian tail. NecroUndine Dizzy è un ibrido tra un umano e un gear,ma non è consapevole delle sue origini. A few weeks later, Dizzy was on the deck of the Mayship when she was suddenly knocked off by I-No. Dizzy can dash forward twice while in air (not double jump). Le Gear était une jeune fille nommée Dizzy. The bounty falls to Jam Kuradoberi, who uses it to finance her restaurant. Most of her moves were for utility purposes, like "This is used for fishing", or normal words like "So painful!.". Her dark blue hair is very long, reaching down to her knees, and her eyes are red like other Gears. However, he spared her life as he didn't view her as a threat, and the bounty fell to Jam Kuradoberi, who used it to finance her restaurant. She is gentle, innocent, and kind to those she encounters, having a motherly demeanor. Relatives Abilities Dizzy's weapons are her systems, Necro and Undine, which normally take the form of her pair of wings. (56 kg) She is also included in the roster of playable characters in the video game Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos. December 25 (presumed) Usually taking the form of mere differently-colored wings, they can transform and cover Dizzy's body parts or even cover her entirely, as Necro has made her take a demonic figure at times. Appearances According to Dr. Paradigm, Dizzy's power is equal or even greater than Justice's, but her benevolent personality prevents her from reaching her full potential. Most of Dizzy's moves revolve around her projectiles; she can juggle an opponent breaking their defenses with her ranged attacks, then rushing down with her normal moves which deal a large amount of damage. Dizzy is fond of yellow ribbons, as she has two on her ponytails and one on her tail. She quickly escaped, and the government issued a 500,000 World-Dollar bounty for her death. Justice (mother)Sol Badguy (father, allegedly)Ky Kiske (husband)Sin Kiske (son) Age She hates violence with a passion and fears to hurt others. With a three-year existence with most of it spent in a small village and a grove, Dizzy's experience is initially very limited. Justice (mother)Sol Badguy (father)Ky Kiske (husband) Sin Kiske (son) Weapon It is strongly implied that Aria Hale, engaged romantically to Frederick Bulsara at the time, was pregnant before being cryo-frozen by That Man in 2016 and while undergoing Gear conversion to become Justice throughout 2073. When she got adopted by the Jellyfish, she found her family and happiness. Having a fairly good defense, she can put pressure on opponents from afar, as well as from close range. At that moment, Sol shows up at the estate, but Ky asks Dizzy to allow him to talk with Sol privately. Dizzy has a hidden realistic side though, as she views the destruction of nature by humans as part of a natural cycle. Fire, Ice, Light, summons Dizzy's immense power and her lack of control of it only causes her grief, as she sees it as a curse. A saddened Dizzy left, accompanied by Testament, before she could see Josephine's change of heart thanks to Faust's words. Gameplay-wise, Dizzy favors ranged fighting. Dizzy and Justice's Gamma Ray overdrive shares its name with a German power metal band. Most notable in Dizzy are her "systems" or wings—her green reaper right wing, Necro, and her light-blue maiden left wing, Undine—, and her black, salamander-like tail. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. She is happy to hear that Sin has called Ky "Dad". Her moveset revolves around her projectiles; she can juggle an opponent breaking their defenses with her ranged attacks, then rushing down with her normal moves which deal a large amount of damage. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older.

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