jonathan swift poem cadenus and vanessa

'Tis an old maxim in the schools,That vanity's the food of fools;Yet now and then your men of witWill condescend to take a bit.So when Cadenus could not hide,He chose to justify his pride;Construing the passion she had shown,Much to her praise, more to his own.Nature in him had merit placed,In her, a most judicious taste.Love, hitherto a transient guest,Ne'er held possession in his breast;So long attending at the gate,Disdain'd to enter in so late.Love, why do we one passion call?When 'tis a compound of them all;Where hot and cold, where sharp and sweet,In all their equipages meet;Where pleasures mixed with pains appear,Sorrow with joy, and hope with fear.Wherein his dignity and ageForbid Cadenus to engage.But friendship in its greatest height,A constant, rational delight,On virtue's basis fixed to last,When love's allurements long are past;Which gently warms, but cannot burn;He gladly offers in return;His want of passion will redeem,With gratitude, respect, esteem;With that devotion we bestow,When goddesses appear below.While thus Cadenus entertainsVanessa in exalted strains,The nymph in sober words intreatsA truce with all sublime conceits.For why such raptures, flights, and fancies,To her who durst not read romances;In lofty style to make replies,Which he had taught her to despise?But when her tutor will affectDevotion, duty, and respect,He fairly abdicates his throne,The government is now her own;He has a forfeiture incurred,She vows to take him at his word,And hopes he will not take it strangeIf both should now their stations changeThe nymph will have her turn, to beThe tutor; and the pupil he:Though she already can discernHer scholar is not apt to learn;Or wants capacity to reachThe science she designs to teach;Wherein his genius was belowThe skill of every common beau;Who, though he cannot spell, is wiseEnough to read a lady's eyes?And will each accidental glanceInterpret for a kind advance.But what success Vanessa metIs to the world a secret yet;Whether the nymph, to please her swain,Talks in a high romantic strain;Or whether he at last descendsTo like with less seraphic ends;Or to compound the bus'ness, whetherThey temper love and books together;Must never to mankind be told,Nor shall the conscious muse unfold.Meantime the mournful queen of loveLed but a weary life above.She ventures now to leave the skies,Grown by Vanessa's conduct wise.For though by one perverse eventPallas had crossed her first intent,Though her design was not obtained,Yet had she much experience gained;And, by the project vainly tried,Could better now the cause decide.She gave due notice that both parties,CORAM REGINA PROX' DIE MARTIS,Should at their peril without failCome and appear, and save their bail.All met, and silence thrice proclaimed,One lawyer to each side was named.The judge discovered in her faceResentments for her late disgrace;And, full of anger, shame, and grief,Directed them to mind their brief;Nor spend their time to show their reading,She'd have a summary proceeding.She gathered under every head,The sum of what each lawyer said;Gave her own reasons last; and thenDecreed the cause against the men.But, in a weighty case like this,To show she did not judge amiss,Which evil tongues might else report,She made a speech in open court;Wherein she grievously complains,'How she was cheated by the swains. Some concede he might have had an intimate, but sexless relationship with Vanessa. A poem. Cadenus and Vanessa. The name starts with the first three letters of her surname and t… Home; Jonathan Swift; Analyses; This is an analysis of the poem Cadenus And Vanessa that begins with: THE shepherds and the nymphs were seen Pleading before the Cyprian Queen.... full text. Poems to Cadenus and Vanessa. Whate'er vexations love attend, She need no rivals apprehend Her sex, with universal voice, Must laugh at her capricious choice. Cadenus is a subject fit, Grown old in politics and wit; Caressed by Ministers of State, Of half mankind the dread and hate. 'But still the work was not complete,When Venus thought on a deceit:Drawn by her doves, away she flies,And finds out Pallas in the skies:Dear Pallas, I have been this mornTo see a lovely infant born:A boy in yonder isle below,So like my own without his bow,By beauty could your heart be won,You'd swear it is Apollo's son;But it shall ne'er be said, a childSo hopeful has by me been spoiled;I have enough besides to spare,And give him wholly to your care.Wisdom's above suspecting wiles;The queen of learning gravely smiles,Down from Olympus comes with joy,Mistakes Vanessa for a boy;Then sows within her tender mindSeeds long unknown to womankind;For manly bosoms chiefly fit,The seeds of knowledge, judgment, wit,Her soul was suddenly enduedWith justice, truth, and fortitude;With honour, which no breath can stain,Which malice must attack in vain:With open heart and bounteous hand:But Pallas here was at a stand;She know in our degenerate daysBare virtue could not live on praise,That meat must be with money bought:She therefore, upon second thought,Infused yet as it were by stealth,Some small regard for state and wealth:Of which as she grew up there stayedA tincture in the prudent maid:She managed her estate with care,Yet liked three footmen to her chair,But lest he should neglect his studiesLike a young heir, the thrifty goddess(For fear young master should be spoiled)Would use him like a younger child;And, after long computing, found'Twould come to just five thousand pound.The Queen of Love was pleased and proudTo we Vanessa thus endowed;She doubted not but such a dameThrough every breast would dart a flame;That every rich and lordly swainWith pride would drag about her chain;That scholars would forsake their booksTo study bright Vanessa's looks:As she advanced that womankindWould by her model form their mind,And all their conduct would be triedBy her, as an unerring guide.Offending daughters oft would hearVanessa's praise rung in their ear:Miss Betty, when she does a fault,Lets fall her knife, or spills the salt,Will thus be by her mother chid,''Tis what Vanessa never did.

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