leben und tod des kenneth glöckler genius

And you sick brother is still living in poverty, Suddenly the stepfather of Kenneth appears, He comes along on all gigs, flashlight, rich kids, Hanging all day long over Kenny, like his bitch tits. Royal Bunker? Only your skin color is different. Choose one of the browsed Leben Und Tod Des Kenneth Glöckler lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. Did you really think you were Nelly from Schwäben*? Yeah, man. If you snored too much cocain, dude. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item tags) Want more? I'll start with the separation of your umbilical cord, For you the Bonzen neighborhood was somewhat like Bronx, One could even speak about "Malibu's most wanted". Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler (Instrumental) - Bushido Es wird langsam Zeit, mich zu der Scheiße hier zu äußern Die Lügen, die du über mich verbreitest in ganz Deutschland Früher war es 'Fick die Polizei' oder Louis V Heute sind es LKA-Beamte und Security Wie es heute ist, war nicht unser Wille, ehrlich You forgot where you came from, the money steals all your senses. Yeah! Bushido Sex ohne Grund. Berlin? What do you have from your freestyle, when we pick you up once? Yeah, Kay. It is about time, that I say something about this shit what is going on. You run away, You once again screw over your beneficiaries, Kay, you wanted to come to me to the Capital, so you crawled up Saad's ass at first, for that you are famous for, Secretly hoping he will take you with him here to Berlin, But no, Kay, nothing happened, so you came up with the idea, this way you were seeking a connection higher up, at that point I didn't know any of your gigs, I invited you along – Switzerland-New Year’s Eve – Solo-Show, You were only a clown to me just like Cosimo was, Like a bum you shared a ride with me home, Blind, you didn’t even notify your parents, Weird, your way of thinking, but I felt sorry for you. German music album by Bushido 1. November 2013 auf YouTube als Musikvideo veröffentlicht. What’s with all those threatening SMS that we receive every day? Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler ist ein Disstrack des deutschen Rappers Bushido gegen dessen ehemaligen Weggefährten, den Rapper Prince Kay One.Er wurde am 22. You thought it was time, it's time for me to leave the bunker, then your mother wrote a fax asking if we could ask Staiger to fill in, After several days you realized that you needed an apartment, From now on Kay is living with Akay from "Overground", And he switches friends for fame for the first time, this shady behavior will be seen more often in the future, Now there should be someone else, most important it’s a Star, then you met Eko Fresh, he believes, you have talent, He who paid for your rent as much as he could, he who let you live with him, it wasn't about a one million deal, it was just that you get some fame and that you see some money, Remember Kay, the people of Koln also fed you, For several smokes you made a clown of yourself in a Cafe, they arranged some extra jobs for you, so you could earn something on the side. Inside your hearts you’re the same son of a bitch. Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler - Bushido, 2. And the names while you were climbing up, you old snitch? One is not cool doing that, dude. Emory said the same thing. Browse for Leben Und Tod Des Kenneth Glöckler song lyrics by entered search phrase. There are 60 lyrics related to Leben Und Tod Des Kenneth Glöckler. Mit "Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler" zog Bushido 2013 gefühlt die komplette Szene auf seine Seite. Full of yourself because of several klicks on youtube, But he just laughing at you was a harsh rejection, Do you know how this is called Kay? November 2013 auf YouTube als Musikvideo veröffentlicht. but after the first Clip with Eko you felt too famous. Listen to Leben Und Tod Des Kenneth Glöckler songs Online on JioSaavn. And I didn’t even mention it all, dude. 'Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler von Bushido' kaufen - MP3 Download von 7digital Online Deutschland – Finden Sie über 30 Millionen Tracks in höchster Qualität in unserem Shop on December 12, 2015, There are no reviews yet. Reakce médií na Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler byla vcelku pozitivní. Köln? Dou you understand what I mean? Did you know? Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler ist ein Disstrack des deutschen Rappers Bushido gegen dessen ehemaligen Weggefährten, den Rapper Prince Kay One. Она не говорит, что в ней нет изюминки. Aufgrund der Länge des Songs, und dass er sich gegen eine Person richtet, wurde „Mephisto“ von Bushido auch als „Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöcklers 2“ angekündigt.

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