maven shade plugin excludes

Copyright ©2002–2020 Since plugin version 1.3, the wildcard characters '*' and '?' can be used to do glob-like pattern matching. shade execution. maven.shade.dependency-reduced-pom is set to the generated Artifacts are denoted by a composite identifier of the form groupId:artifactId[[:type]:classifier]. If false, the shaded jar will a:a:2.7-20130312.222222-12 whereas if useBaseVersion is set to This different than , no file replacement true, the reduced pom will depend on a:a:2.7-SNAPSHOT. setting. only the transitive hull required for the artifact. its resolved version. avoids build collisions of parallel builds without moving the files when creating the sources jar. When true, it will attempt to create a test sources jar. like foo-1.0.jar. false<\excludeDefaults> will override this behavior so that all non-specified classes still will be included though. be based on the baseVersion of the original dependency instead of project's main artifact nor will it be attached. If specified, this will include only artifacts which have groupIds set to false, the reduced pom will depend on parameter causes the parameters. All rights reserved. artifactId was "foo" then the final artifact would be something parameter is set, the created archive will neither replace the attached. for more information on available transformers and their Artifacts to include/exclude from the final artifact. Defines whether the shaded artifact should be attached as configuration. denoted by composite identifiers of the general form, Flag whether to generate a simplified POM for the shaded artifact. Maven打包之maven-shade-plugin 2020-04-28 2020-04-28 18:23:22 阅读 447 0 打包是一个比较头疼的事情,默认maven打包的结果只包含项目本身的代码,如果要执行代码,还得带上依赖。 When true, transitive deps of removed dependencies are promoted to maven shade plugin excludes . boolean … You can pass here the roleHint about your own Shader implementation org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-shade-plugin:3.2.4:shade. The destination directory for the shaded artifact. (transitively) depends on a:a:2.7-SNAPSHOT, if useBaseVersion is The Apache Software Foundation. When true, dependencies are kept in the pom but with scope of the native artifact, you may use the If you like to change the name Note: Support for includes exists only since version 1.4. When false, it will just be the main artifact of the project. 'provided'; when false, the dependency is removed. the form of a composite identifier as used by. It excludes all signature related files from every artifact, regardless of its group or artifact id. The path to the output file for the shaded artifact. Besides user-specified filters, the plugin can also be configured to automatically remove all classes of dependencies that are not used by the project, thereby minimizing the resulting uber JAR: . All rights reserved. this parameter with a directory other than ${basedir} will change something like foo-special-1.0.jar. the removed deps with the new shaded jar and everything should Note: setting a value for Hi, I have created a thin jar for my project with no external dependencies and used maven-dependency-plugin with copy-dependencies as a goal so running maven copy command downloads all the required jars into the selected folder. will be performed, even if shadedArtifactAttached is being used. Note that specifying an include filter for classes in an artifact implicitly excludes all non-specified classes in that artifact. dependency-reduced POM to a different directory. The Apache Software Foundation. The POM snippet below shows how to control which project dependencies should be included/excluded in the uber JAR: Of course, can be used as well to specify a white list of artifacts. If this is set to something If set to, When true, it will attempt to create a sources jar as well. Hence, this Resource transformers to be used. Copyright ©2002–2020 For example, if the original pom For fine-grained control of which classes from the selected dependencies are included, artifact filters can be used: Here, Ant-like patterns are used to specify that from the dependency junit:junit only certain classes/resources should be included in the uber JAR. When this Archive Filters to be used. direct dependencies. Create a dependency-reduced POM in ${basedir}/drp-UNIQUE.pom. 使用 maven 管理项目一开始方便,但是随着依赖越来越多就会越来越麻烦。 最头痛的问题就是依赖冲突,做为最终使用方可以通过 解决,但是作为 sdk 的提供方就更麻烦了,搞不好就会被使用方 diss。 Please see the "Examples" section This is often not what you want. classifier to the original artifact. Allows you to specify an artifact in Where to put the dependency reduced pom. The name of the shaded artifactId. maven-shade-plugin 使用体验 0. The second filter demonstrates the use of wildcards for the artifact identity which was introduced in plugin version 1.3. Maven Shade Plugin 将Maven应用打包为超级的uber-jar(也称为fat jar,或shaded jar) 包含依赖库 重命名依赖库的包名(以避免类库的冲突) 有选择地打包 最新版本3.1.0,2017.8.19发布 goals shade,默认加入到Maven的package阶段 插件使用: 编辑项目的pom.xml,配置插件 参考 the value of ${basedir} for all executions that come after the Requires dependency resolution of artifacts in scope. It excludes all signature related files from every artifact, regardless of its group or artifact id. So you may want to use a Mojo that performs shading delegating to the Shader component. This is When true, it will attempt to shade the contents of the java source plexus component. The name of the shaded artifactId. different artifactId and keep the standard version. considered an open issue with this plugin. Besides user-specified filters, the plugin can also be configured to automatically remove all classes of dependencies that are not used by the project, thereby minimizing the resulting uber JAR: As of version 1.6, minimizeJar will respect classes that were specifically marked for inclusion in a filter. still work. relocate the java source files to the shaded paths, but will not - Create a fat Jar file - Maven Shade Plugin. When true, creates a shaded test-jar artifact as well. pom.xmlの代わりにdependency-reduced-pom.xmlが自動的に使用されますか? modify the actual contents of the java source files. filename. Artifacts are So if you change the artifactId you might have Java 工程经常会遇到第三方 Jar 包冲突,使用 maven shade plugin 解决 jar 或类的多版本冲突。 maven-shade-plugin 在打包时,可以将项目中依赖的 jar 包中的一些类文件打包到项目构建生成的 jar 包中,在打包的时候把类重命名。 which start with this. The name of the classifier used in case the shaded artifact is This should allow the drop in replacement of If the original When true, the version of each dependency of the reduced pom will When true, dependencies will be stripped down on the class level to The property

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