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When Norman boasts about how he will later kill Mary Jane, an enraged Peter overpowers Norman. Two years after the first film, Peter struggles to maintain his personal life while serving as Spider-Man, getting fired from a second job he takes as a pizza delivery boy while simultaneously struggling with his studies at Columbia University and finances. After sending Mary Jane home, he talks to Aunt May, who gives him the engagement ring given to her by Uncle Ben, about proposing to MJ. A Film by Peter Parker is a recorded video diary of Peter Parker's trip to Berlin. As Stark walked toward the door, Parker over-reacted for a moment and used his Web-Shooters to web Stark's hand next to the door knob, telling him not to tell Aunt May. The spider emblem was given more elegant lines and enlarged, the eye-lenses were somewhat smaller, and the muscle suit underneath was made into pieces, to give a better sense of movement. Hogan walked in on Parker and, bewildered, asked Parker why he was not wearing the suit that Tony Stark made him. The Goblin takes note of Spider-Man and proposes a truce to work together. After being bitten by a genetically-mutated spider in a school field trip to a scientific laboratory, which grants him with spider-like superpowers, Peter initially decides to use his new-found abilities for his own selfish desires and wants. A hard shell was worn underneath the mask to make the shape of the head look better and to keep the mask tight while keeping the wearer comfortable. One concept that costume designer James Acheson became fond of was the idea of having a red emblem over a black costume. [1] Costume designer James Acheson began forming several concepts for Spider-Man's suit designs, but decided on a final version soon after. [1], Spider-Man prepares to join in with the fight. Mary Jane is upset by a negative review of her performance, and Peter unsuccessfully tries to relate to her using his experience as Spider-Man. Parker, vlogging the entire experience, took pictures with the partygoers and even swung some female guests using his web. [33], Despite a positive reception towards the character and Maguire's acting, the low amount of wisecracks and humour that Maguire's Spider-Man uses on criminals and super-villains, compared to his much more motor-mouthed comic book counterpart, has been noted by many, with some praising the low amount of wisecracks used by Maguire's version of the character, while others disliked the change. Appearances Peter changes into his Spider-Man suit, saving several civilians from the Goblin before rescuing Mary Jane after she falls from a balcony. Despite a successful start, the demonstration becomes unstable. When Parker arrived on the jet, Parker was amazed by all the cool features on it, such as its need for no pilots. Peter then gains the job with his own picture of Spider-Man, and under influence from the symbiote, begins to act more arrogantly. Peter is depicted as an intellectually-gifted and academically bright high school student in his senior academic year. This creates a new enemy, Venom, as Brock now knows Spider-Man's secret identity. With his dying breath, Norman asks Peter not to reveal his identity as the Green Goblin to Harry. Comic After Aunt May visits Peter encouraging him not to give up on Mary Jane, Venom and Sandman decide to work together to eradicate Spider-Man. The narrative follows his struggles with his dual life as a college student and young adult, often to the disappointment of his avuncular college teacher Dr Curt Connors, as well as his job as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, under snarky, abrasive and sassy-mouthed editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson, who despises Parker's vigilante persona and constantly prints defamatory articles and news printings against Spider-Man. [6] The studio was initially hesitant to cast someone who did not seem to fit the ranks of "adrenaline-pumping, tail-kicking titans,"[5] but Maguire managed to impress studio executives with his audition. Upon graduating, Peter, finally taking Ben's words to heart out of guilt, begins using his abilities to fight injustice, donning a costume and the persona of Spider-Man. with great power comes great responsibility, With great power comes great responsibility, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man film series), "Spider-Man : Interview With Tobey Maguire", "Costume designer James Acheson talks 'Spider-man,' 'The Last Emperor,' behind the scenes at the Wex", "Spider-Man 2 Movie Review & Film Summary (2004) | Roger Ebert", "About That Time Tobey Maguire Got Fired From Spider-Man", "He has radioactive blood, now about those pecs", "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Update", "Exclusive Interview: Producer Grant Curtis & Why Symbiotes Don't Have A Fashion Sense In 'Spider-Man 3' – PART 3", "Spider-Man 3 Interviews: Director Sam Raimi", "Sam Raimi's Spider-Man is a Cautionary Tale About the Power Men Wield", "Guest Spot: Rohan Williams Interviews Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert (Part 1)", "INTERVIEW: Director Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 2! He and Mary Jane are happily dating, and after attending her performance in a new play, catches up with her in Central Park. [14][19][21], Following the release of the third installment of the series, and its subsequent success at the box office, the now billion dollar franchise had been put into disarray, after director Sam Raimi had become unhappy with the script, leaving the movie to fall past its projected May 2011 release date. The webbing, which accented the costume, was cut by computer. [3] A number of video game adaptations were attributed to the character from Raimi's movies, alongside an animated series that would act, on the surface, as a nominal sequel to the trilogy of films. Stark relented but asked to be freed from his webbing, and Parker freed his hand from the door awkwardly so he could be allowed to leave. After giving Octavius the tritium, Harry prepares to kill Spider-Man, only to be shocked to see Peter under the mask. Peter Parker (Earth-96283) on Marvel Database, a Marvel Comics wiki, This article is about the character. Octavius ignores Harry's demands to shut it off while Peter dons his suit to unplug it, but not before the resulting explosion kills Octavius' wife and assistant Rosalie and fuses the harness to his spine, also destroying the inhibitor chip that keeps Octavius in control of the arms. Empowered by the new suit's abilities and with his anger amplified, Peter dons the symbiote suit while confronting Marko in the subway tunnels, leading to Marko's apparent demise when a deluge of water reduces him to mud. This rendition of Spider-Man follows the Sam Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3, also appearing in video game adaptations derived from each film. Jameson hires Peter as a freelance photographer, since Peter is the only person providing clear images of Spider-Man. [31] Entertainment Weekly placed him as the tenth coolest hero of all time. [14], In Spider-Man 3, Peter has two variations of his suit: his traditional one and one colored in black that forms due to an alien symbiote bonding to him. The Hollywood Reporter placed Maguire's portrayal of Spider-Man as the tenth greatest superhero film portrayal of all time. They unsuccessfully try to protect him when Octavius returns to capture Peter, whom Octavius delivers to Harry. Raimi wanted to convey the essence of Spider-Man as being "the transition that occurs between him being a young man going through puberty and being a superhero." However, the more darker, vengeful, less comical and abrasive portion of his performance in his serious moments received much more praise.[34][32]. Peter and Harry forgive each other and reaffirm their friendship prior to Harry dying from his injuries. When they arrived home, Stark told Parker that he could keep the Spider-Man Suit, with Hogan keeping an eye on him. Peter convinces Harry to direct him to Octavius' lair, as bigger things are at stake. Devastated, Harry confides in his father that Mary Jane loves Peter, inadvertently revealing Spider-Man's true weakness. Parker had no other choice than to confess that he had been Spider-Man for six months. He then swings down to a mortally-wounded Harry, who is tended to by Mary Jane. This upsets Mary Jane, leading to an argument later during a dinner date with Peter, who postpones his plans to propose to her at the restaurant.

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